A little bit of background about the origins of the Nundle Natural Skin Solutions range.

Nundle Natural Skin Solutions owner, Peter Ladocki, has revived the traditional products from his country of birth, Hungary. Peter has been a proud Australian since childhood when his family migrated to Australia.  Peter has memories of his mother and her friends preparing natural skin care products in their home kitchen to share within the group for their own use.

The beauty of the Hungarian woman is renowned.

Throughout history, women have travelled from all over Europe to indulge in Hungarian skin care methods. This includes distinguished royalty and high profile celebrities as well as the everyday person.

Hungary is known as the food and agricultural centre of Europe.  Although it’s debatable, many feel that Hungary has the best soil and geographical elements on the continent. Hungary offers excellent conditions for organic food production. In much the same way as Hungary, Australia also has very fertile and prime soil types producing high quality crops.  Both offer the highest quality nutrient rich fresh fruit and vegetables that provide the foundation for the all natural skin care products.

The majority of propagated plants in both countries have many similarities with a higher potential for potent and natural ingredients, capable of providing your skin with the most effective nutrients.

Peter has revived the almost forgotten ageless secrets of the beauty regimes of the Austro Hungarian women and is now introducing the Australian family to the benefits of his heritage.  Nundle Natural Skin Solutions is proud to present a range of all Australian products based on the traditional methods to add to the natural radiance and beauty of Australian women.  All fruit and vegetables used in the products are naturally and organically sourced seasonally from markets and growers Australia wide.

Nundle Natural Skin Solutions not only produces products for women but using the same technique and tradition has products for men as well and even for the family pet.  We also stock other gift lines in store and invite you to drop in to see them and discuss your skin care requirements.